“Catherine Sternberg is an Extraordinary Life Coach whose contribution has made an incredible difference for me in living my life to the fullest by working on the very areas (traits of my character) that take ME away from living my life.

As a Life Coach she has provided:

  • seminars series
  • weekly, monthly calls
  • Clear and objective guidance/coaching
  • accountability structures to support me
  • a powerful space of LISTENING (judgement free) where I have laughed, cried and experienced ‘WOW’ moments.

Undoubtedly – she IS to me a valuable and reliable source of “YES, I can…” in my life supporting me in working through issues, circumstances and challenges that I experience. I simply love her!

If you are considering a LIFE Coach for yourself – consider having Catherine Sternberg as the COACH IN YOUR CORNER!”

Irma Paredes
Toronto, ON


 “Thanks to you, I have my business off to a good start!

My life is finally “structured” again and I am moving foward towards my goals
Having accomplished my immediate AND some future goals, I am now setting my sites on bigger and better plans. Thanks for the push!”

Pauline Norman

Pauleo Paws Training Centre
Outdoor Agility Field Rental  Sharon, ON


“Catherine, I cannot express in words the reality of how you have contributed to the success of my business. You gave me the tools that I needed to set and achieve my goals and the support I needed along the way.  Thank you.”

Joan K  B&B  Owner


“With Catherine’s extensive background and experience she has the ability to quickly connect with almost anyone. Her attentive style and focused listening gives you the feeling you’re the only one in the world when you work with her. She can identify with what you’re going through and not only give support, but specific suggestions and solutions to help move you towards your goals.”

Karen Orell  Business Strategist, San Diego CA


“You were a great contributor to our day.  Thank you for making a difference.”

Professional Development Conference for Educational/Instructional Assistants

Apr 2012  Thames Valley District School Board and CUPE 7575


“Catherine is truly a caring individual.  Catherine’s caring and patience will benefit anyone she works with.”

J. Woods,  Markham, On

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